A Quaint Hotel

My friend was looking for a place to stay in East Sussex that was near to the sea. My friend decided that Eastbourne was a lovely place to be! My friend looked into Arden Hotel and felt that it fitted the bill! Arden Hotel was close to all local amenities and was by the Pier and the local gardens in the area.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 11.37 am

Great Place Ever!

My friend was looking for somewhere to stay with her family in the summer. Tudor Guest House was recommended and she worked out that this was close to all the local amenities too! Tudor Guest house was near to the local shops in town and Tudor Guest House was also close to the seafront.

This blog was posted Tuesday 25th June 2019 : 10.43 am

Online booking system for an inn

Best Bookings has been a real lifesaver and has once again restored the inn reception area to a peaceful place. Bookings are now taken via the online booking system instead of over the phone which used to ring off the hook. Bookings are now a breeze for customers to do independently and they can also view the calendar and check availability which frees up a lot of time for my sister who runs the inn. She has received plenty of positive feedback from previous guests who have used the online booking system and they have said it operates very smoothly and is easy to understand. My sister is so thankful that this feature has been installed on the inn's computer system.

This blog was posted Thursday 15th March 2018 : 12.13 pm