Football Club

My friend was a manager at a football club and was often reported of issues with blocked toilets. My friend discovered Uric Xtreme uric freeflo from Chem Assist that provided a chemical unblocker that did the trick. The cleaners were able to go in and provide a quick easy solution to the problem. Hurrah for Chem Assist, no more blocked toilets!

This blog was posted Tuesday 17th December 2019 : 12.31 pm

Impressive Structure

My friend works with Dominic Hill who are an accountancy firm who deal with the payroll. The team here were excellent and very helpful when it came to this large task. She was impressed by this structured company who could accommodate her accountancy needs.

This blog was posted Thursday 24th October 2019 : 10.28 am

Specialist Mortgage Advisors

If you are a new business owner and looking to get a mortgage but are having a hard time trying to get one because you can`t prove a steady an income then there is a company who can help. I need some help can put you touch with specialist mortgage advisors who can help.

This blog was posted Friday 4th October 2019 : 11.30 am

Extra guidance

ETC Fire visited where my girlfriend works to carry out the maintenance on their fire extinguishers and she said they were professional, with excellent communication skills and great overall a great customer service. The engineers arrived promptly on time and were enthusiastic and committed to checking the extinguishers thoroughly. They even were happy to give extra advice and guidance on what extinguishers put out certain fires and how to use them.

This blog was posted Thursday 21st December 2017 : 09.29 am

Brilliant level of customer care

My daughter cannot stop expressing her gratitude for Ocean Press and their exemplary services. They really did go above and beyond for her and helped her achieve the desired look for her leaflets and has enjoyed handing them out and hearing the positive feedback from them in return. They treated her with a brilliant level of customer care and she said they were an absolute pleasure to work with. If you are looking for a printing company who will excel and wow you with their abilities then go to this company for all of your printing needs.

This blog was posted Wednesday 13th December 2017 : 11.16 am

5 decades of experience!

If you know anybody who is looking for a reliable insurance company who has a wide coverage for a whole host of things, then my brother thoroughly recommends Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers. He says they are an independent firm of insurance brokers with over 5 decades of experience! He found the whole team to be friendly and approachable. They were ready to assist him with any domestic or commercial coverage. The had tailor-made solutions readily available to meet his specific requirements. They went over and above to give him the exact insurance coverage so that my brother was fully covered for the things which he values most. A highly professional company.

This blog was posted Tuesday 5th December 2017 : 10.34 am