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Happy and Comfortable

Normanhurst provides a high level of care to the elderly. They have wonderful amenities and facilities for their residents to use. They have a lovely lounge and eating area so that residents can dine together. My friend`s mother-in-law lives there and she is happy and comfortable and enjoys socialising with other residents and the care staff there and said it feels like home.

This blog was posted Friday 4th October 2019 : 11.18 am

Honest and Hardworking

Ansell Plumbing offers competitive prices and a friendly team. My friend says they are definitely the plumbing team to go to. You are made to feel like a priority and not just another job. They are honest and hardworking and do the job in good time.

This blog was posted Thursday 3rd October 2019 : 12.03 pm

Good Design Advice

The Naked Tiler was recommended to my friend for a kitchen tiling job and she was overjoyed with the result. He did a great job, the work was so precise! The tiler also offered good design advice. She highly recommends him.

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Brilliant Products!

My friend was looking for a shed that she could have in the garden. There were a few different types that she looked at, but was particularly interested in the green sheds that they supplied and fitted. The wood was of good quality and the timber frames were of exceptionally good standard! Shop for Garden were highly recommended!

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th August 2019 : 12.23 pm

Freeing Up Time

Keeping up with dog walking regularly while juggling work and looking after children can be tricky to do. That`s why my friend got K9 Adventures to help her out during weekdays. She was worried that she would have to give the dog to someone else to look after permanently but when she heard about this company and their reasonable rates for their dog walking services, she was so pleased. Now that the dog was being walked three times a week she had a bit more free time on her hands. This company are so friendly and her dog looks forward to his walks.

This blog was posted Monday 19th August 2019 : 09.26 am

Electric Hookup Energy Monitoring

An old friend owns a caravan park with electric hookups. To monitor how much energy was being used they bought a gadget from Eco Eye Energy Monitors - she was very impressed! The technology was advanced but easy to use. They were very accurate at monitoring energy. Really recommend.

This blog was posted Wednesday 3rd July 2019 : 09.31 am

Superb company

My mate was super impressed with the way in which ASAP Roofing conducted themselves. They demonstrated a depth of knowledge and quality workmanship. They understand what customer service really is and bent over backward to help him. In the past, he had been let down by other roofing companies but this company restored his hope in roofing companies. They were honest and hardworking and who worked with a smile on their faces, and who were tidy and thorough workers. They charged him a reasonable fee for the work carried out.

This blog was posted Wednesday 17th October 2018 : 12.10 pm

Clean and pristine

Mrs Ovens is a fantastic business woman who offers a first class service and who enjoys what she does. She was incredibly kind and even though she was coming into my mum's home, she was so friendly and professional that my mum said it didn't feel invasive. The products she used to clean my mum's oven with smelt great. My mum expected the house to be left with an overpowering smell of bleach but thankfully it didn't. The result is great and it looks so fresh and shiny. All this and for a reasonable price.

This blog was posted Monday 8th January 2018 : 04.18 pm

Kind offers

My grandad had his chimney cleaned and unblocked and he said he will gladly recommend SE Chimney Sweep to anybody who wants their done too. This company suggested that he would benefit from a cowl fitted on the top of his chimney to keep out fallen leaves and animals nesting in it. He did what they said as it made perfect sense to stopping his chimney getting blocked year after year. The company even kindly offered to fit it on for him which he was most pleased with. He also remarked on how warm and professional they were.

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After my friend moved into her second home her new next-door neighbour recommended her Sam Mercer Plumbing to come and sort her plumbing problem. She said the guys were brilliant and fixed her taps for her with no problems at all. The taps water pressure was very low and the water dribbled out. The problem was resolved with ease (on his part!) and he was very warm and friendly. She was thankful to her neighbour for the accurate recommendation.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 10.48 am