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Best Training Provider Over the Years

First Aid for You are a brilliant example of how training days can be fun and informal whilst remaining valuable and informative. The teaching was relaxed with questions throughout which made the day relaxed and varied. My friend said that her work colleagues also found this first aid training provider to be the best company they`ve had over the years of working there.

This blog was posted Thursday 27th June 2019 : 11.58 am

An appetite for learning

My daughter recently attended a Beauty Therapy course and has said how excellent the entire process was. On her first day at the college, she was warmly greeted and made to feel at ease. The lecturer who delivered this particular course was fabulous. My daughter said that she had never met a teacher who was so passionate and knowledgeable and by the end of the second day she felt completely relaxed and a part of a working team. She highly recommends this course to anyone interested in beauty therapy.

This blog was posted Wednesday 13th December 2017 : 11.33 am